Resulting stress, Just a dash – Skills Academy

Resulting stress, Just a dash

With Harmonie Begon, Tiphaine Fevre, Sandrine Isambert and Thibaut Nussbaumer.

Project published in New Glass Review 42, the annual publication featuring the most timely and innovative projects in glass, curated by Corning Museum Of Glass (CMOG)

Project led during the workshop dedicated to Glass taking part of the 2021 edition of the “Skills Academy”, a program by the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès. A multidisciplinary team composed of glassmakers, designers & engineers gathered around various projects during a global workshop, held in the CIRVA HotShop in Marseille, led by the designer Noé Duchaufour Lawrance.

Just a dash” is a series of solid glass spheres, that mix clear studio glass and industrial glass in their making.

Presented as a collection of swatches, as various ways of associating the two incompatible materials using hot glass techniques, each type of pattern proposes a gradient of declinations, from the the tiniest “dash” of green glass included in the piece, to a larger proportion, thus seeking the limit of this tensed cohabitation, up to the breaking point.

“Resulting stress” is aphotographic series documenting this research.
With the help of Tiphaine Fevre, PhD engineer at Corning, we built a photo studio hybriding a polariscope, that reveals the invisible internal tension of each piece.
The photographies shows each sphere before and after the revealing of their stress, in series of swatches, from the tiniest “dash” of green glass in the piece, to an increasing proportion. The more stress there is in each piece, the more the transparency of the glass reveals a rainbow sprectrum that diffracts visible light.
These views carries our gaze beyond the visible world, into a dimension of balance and abeyance.