Atelier George x Fabien Barrero+Carsenat


Vase Temple en verre et bronze

Vase Temple en verre et bronze

Vase Temple en verre et bronze vue du dessus

Temple was born from the fire consuming Notre Dame.

Its three bronze arches form a crown of columns, emerging from the Earth.
A ruin that has traversed the ages. A structure polished by time.
The archaeology of the future, as a new narrative, to ward off the destroyed History.

A receptacle then nests at the heart. Reconstruction begins.
A smoked glass gathers the pilasters, connects the flying buttresses.
From the ash, a vitreous matrix is created. In place of the void comes the container.

A crystalline dome completes the construction. Protects the sacred. And idealizes the form.
Dome and rosette merge. Transparency lets light penetrate the edifice.
The moiré reliefs. Radiate in a golden oculus.

Once again, the temple will be re-covered. Always, it will open to the sky.

Hand blown smoked glass, bronze arches triptych, ribbed glass bell, brass detail

Unique piece
Anne Jacquemin Sablon Gallery