Battle field

battle field

Atelier George x Xavier Montoy


We first graded the stems: which one was the prettiest, the strongest, the most impressive amongst the pick.
The gramineous became the pawns. The battlements of the damascus nigellas squared out the corners of the game, in place of the rooks. One would have to be a player to find out the hidden meaning behind the crawling umbelliferae, armed as the octopus knight. The bishop, hand of the king is a poacee digitaria. An ivy flower is queened, as she rules over any walls. Finally, the king’s antlers rise above the forest.
This game plays around the cycle of life. The decision making, the anticipation and the unavoidable ending. The field comes into battle, and the harvest sets in.


Chess game, capturing through power typologies, plants of a same environment.
Copper electroforming over dried glass and twigs, handblown glass colors and chess board.

Unique piece
Galerie Anne Jacquemin Sablon