Atelier George x William Guillon


Lampe à poser Atlas en verre et laiton

Lampe à poser Atlas en verre et laiton - Galerie Anne Jacquemin Sablon

Atlas has several meanings. The name of the Titan, whose story begins with the condemnation to carry the celestial sphere on his shoulders, and by extension, his metamorphosis into a mountain range. His story begins a connection between the sky and the Earth.
With William, we wanted to trace the unique path from the ocean to the Moon.

Through a stacking of brass and glass, we ascend step by step, along the increasingly clear path that supports and leads to the lunar sphere.

Table lamp
Solid glass worked with a cane, solid brass turned and patinated, marbled opaline blown glass lampshade

Unique piece
Anne Jacquemin Sablon Gallery